Finally, Managed IT Services that are


Breathe. Your constant struggle with broken tech and band-aid fixes is over.

Hummingbird.Tech will get to the source of your technology issues, diagnose them, and implement solutions that keep them from cropping up again. managed it services

We don't just solve problems—
we eliminate them.

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Holistic Perspective

Expert knowledge means fewer problems and smoother operations.

Our team approaches your business with a holistic perspective and expert knowledge to pinpoint root sources of problems. This proactive approach spots and eliminates issues before they affect your business so your day-to-day operations run more smoothly.

“We've had a lot fewer problems in general since working with Hummingbird.Tech. They upgraded us, got bugs fixed, now we have way fewer issues.”


Quick to Respond

Working with speed, from initial response to solution.

Hummingbird.Tech is quick to respond because we understand urgency. While we never sacrifice quality for speed, everything we do is done swiftly and efficiently, just like our namesake.

“They come back with a recommendation, and then they get it done quickly. We don't ever have to worry about stuff dragging out for long periods of time.”


comprehensive service

We learn your business to understand the ‘why’ behind what we do for you.

We do the work to understand your business — not just the software you use, but the ins and outs of how you serve your customers. Hummingbird.Tech understands the “why” behind everything we do for you, and we share the same urgency you have around getting back to serving your customers quickly.

“Having that unspoken communication with them where they just know our business saves us a lot of time. It gives me better confidence that they know not only what they're doing, but they know why it's important to us that they do it.”

Director of IT
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Our Services

Full-Service Managed IT

Don’t have an IT department or simply want a dedicated team supporting you every step of the way? Outsourcing to Hummingbird.Tech is seamless and ensures that you have access to a team of experts capable of tackling any IT challenge, big or small.

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Advanced IT Augmentation

Let us augment your internal IT team. We’ll overlay advanced capabilities to expand your existing team's impact.

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Back-End Critical Service

Use us if you need backups, patching or anti-virus. Hummingbird.Tech is there to answer the call.

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Cybersecurity as a Service

Use Hummingbird.Tech to keep your tech and your team secure. We offer a cybersecurity toolset that provides customized user-training, regular phishing assessments, dark web monitoring and a library of data security policies. We're happy to consult on all things tech safety.

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Not sure what your tech needs are or have something specific in mind?

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Our Process

Transparency is at the forefront of how we work with you.

1. Initial Chat

Let’s meet virtually or we’ll come by in person.

As a potential partner invested in the success of your business, it’s important to us to understand the nuances of how your business operates. Much of this will involve us surveying the technology you’re currently using, which sometimes necessitates an in-person visit for us to get a thorough understanding of your setup and generate an initial quote.

2. We get to work

Sketching out a plan, process, and initial quote.

After we’ve established a lay of the land, we’ll follow up with any additional questions we have. This context helps us draft a plan, process, and quote unique to your business needs.

3. Go over the plan

After generating a quote we have a follow-up conversation with you.

Next, we’ll lay out our initial plan for how we will integrate with your business operations and discuss pricing. If we align on the proposed process, we’ll finalize contracts and get to work implementing solutions.

4. Onboarding

We’ll handle all things onboarding.

We make it quick and easy. Our team handles all coordination of onboarding and gets acquainted with your technology to make for a seamless start.

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